Montana Ten X 815 MF

A A R Ten X 7008 S A X Rita 8H17 of Rita 3I0 Total

REG: AAA 18086283

CED: +11  BW: -.1  WW: +64  YW: +124 

Milk: +29  $W: +67.77  $B: +185.25

*Our choice bull of the 2016 Montana Angus Ranch Bull Sale.

*A moderate framed bull selected to sire low birth weight calves that still perform.

*His 26 calves averaged 71 lbs at birth with 0 assisted in his first 2017 calf crop.

*With the genomics to back it, his EPD percentiles rank him top 1% $B/RE, 2% RADG/$F 3% CW/Fat/$G, 4% YW/$YG, 5% CEM, 10% Marb/$QG, 15% CED/WW/Milk, and 20% BW/MW. 

*Look for his first calves on our 2018 sale!

A & B Payweight 6087

Basin Payweight 1682 X A & B Queen 4157

REG: AAA 18542865

CED: +5  BW:  +1.5  WW: +63  YW: +112  Milk:+ 28  $W: +72.07  $B: +112.82

*Our choice bull at the 2017 A & B Bull Sale.

*Excellent phenotype, brought in to sire thick ended calves with length, spring of rib, and superior muscle expression.

*A & B Payweight 6087's EPD profile ranks top 10% $W, 15% YW, and 20% WW/Milk/$F while maintaining a modest 45% BW and 50% CED.

*Genomically sound bull that balances breed average birth with high growth and maternal traits.

A & B Upward 1156

Sitz Upward 307R X A & B Lass 8004

REG: AAA 17067157

CED: +6  BW: +2.5  WW: +71  YW: +132 

Milk: +23  $W: +62.17  $B: +162.86

*If there was a cornerstone to our program it would be 1156.  This guy has sired many of our top selling bulls, but where we are most impressed in him is in his females.  They are weaning top notch calves, breeding back at the top of the herd, and proving to be easy fleshing.

*Coming out of his 6th breeding season, we see no reason to change directions.  If you are familiar with our breeding program you already know why.

*A&B Upward 1156 still EPD ranks top 2% YW, 3% $F, 4% $B, 5% WW,  10% CEM, 15% RADG/CEM, and 20% $W.

LPM Upward 30

A & B Upward 1156 X LPM Extra K205 of Rito 30

REG: AAA 18043022

CED: +4  BW: +2.3  WW: +68  YW: +118

Milk: +29  $W: +72.24  $B: +141.62

*Another home grown herd sire from A & B Upward 1156.  This time hitting superior maternal traits with our favorite Nichols Extra K205 daughter.

*EPD percentiles in the top 1% CEM, 4% $W, 5% SC, 10% WW/YW, and 15% Milk/$F with the excelled genomics to back.

Miller Angus

S A V Farmland 3038

S A V Harvestor 0338 X S A V Primrose 9827

REG: AAA 17633667

CED: +6  BW: +3.3  WW: +57  YW: +90

Milk: +20  $W: +48.95  $B: +98.06

*A real massive built bull selected from the 2014 SAV sale.

*A proven herd changer, Farmland consistently adds real world muscle to each and every one of his progeny.

*You will pick his calves out of the pasture over and over again.

LPM Upward 28

A & B Upward 1156 X LPM Holli 28

REG: AAA 18043033

CED: +5  BW: +3.1  WW: +77  YW: +145

Milk: +19  $W: +54.89  $B: +178.49

*Our $15,000 top selling bull on the 2015 Miller Angus Sale.

*Combining our proven herd sire A&B Upward 1156 with our top performing cow, LPM Holli 28, we expected high growth, and it delivered.

*EPD percentiles top 1% WW/YW/RADG/MW/CW/$F/$B.

*Excellent genomics ranking top 5% in WW/YW/SC/DOC/MW/CW/RE/FAT.